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Empowering Verifone's Global Reach Through Expert IT Staff Augmentation
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Being their Tech Partner since 2015, we have gone beyond technical development, giving strategic advice and collaborating to help Verifone meet its goals.

The Client

Verifone is a global e-payment company, one of the largest in the world: they handle more than 12 billion transactions annually, 165+ countries are using their solutions, and over 441 billion dollars is the value of transactions flowing through their gateways.

The world’s best-known retail brands, major financial institutions, and millions of merchants worldwide trust Verifone for tech-forward, simple, and secure ways to accept payments from anyone at any time. They serve businesses of all sizes across industries with their end-to-end payment solutions to streamline the brand experience and boost each business's bottom line.

The existence of a Tech and innovative ecosystem makes Uruguay an excellent hub to develop new IT solutions. Verifone has chosen Zonamérica in Uruguay to install their Development Hub, taking advantage of the talent and the dynamic IT ecosystem, as well as the cutting-edge infrastructure under the free zone scheme.

The Challenge

When they approached us, in 2015, they were facing a major issue trying to find the talent and expertise they needed timely.

They were looking for a tech partner to provide those resources, ready to jump to their team.

They sought mainly top-notch local talent in Java and Angular technologies.

The Solution

We are providing Java and Angular developers as Staff Augmentation, for both general software development and Gateway development.

During those years we expanded our collaboration and escalated the teams, providing more than 30 fully assigned people some years ago.

Currently, we have team members assigned to three different projects:

  • Merchant Order Portal: The front-end side of the existing portal was migrated from legacy technologies to Angular.
  • PayWare Connect: Development to continue updating the existing software and new APIs development.
  • Card Manage System: Gateway development in Java to manage transactions.

We have gone beyond technical development, giving strategic advice and collaborating to help Verifone meet its goals.

The Results

Since 2015, we have expanded our collaboration and escalated Verifone teams.

The long-term relationship is based on the results:

We have been able to scale their development teams as needed, in record time.

They got a perfect match both from a technical and a soft skills point.

Filling critical positions quickly with an outstanding retention rate, boosting their productivity and competitiveness, while increasing revenues.

Verifone enjoyed a reduction in the IT staff turnover rate which was compromising their growth and profit and eliminated the hassle and cost of rushing out to find replacements.

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client testimonial
"They are providing us with the resources we need in a timely manner, which is very complex at the moment. They have also managed to respect all of our requirements and schedules. As for deadlines, we manage the projects ourselves, but their people always adapt very quickly and help us meet all of our goals."
Diego Maye
Former Software Developer Manager, Verifone
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