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Revolutionizing Corporate Wellness With Dedicated Teams Expertise
Dedicated teams

We are helping Paselibre to make their business thrive through "hassle-free" software solutions.

The Client

Paselibre is a corporate benefit for those companies that care for and motivate their employees. They offer unlimited access to more than 600 sports and wellness centers in Uruguay with a wide variety of activities, locations, and hours through a B2B2C subscription model.

Companies are currently looking for different options to attract and retain employees, and Paselibre was created in 2019 to revolutionize corporate wellness with a different benefit and high perceived value for our local market.

Maintaining a healthy work-life balance is not only important for health and relationships, but it can also improve employees' productivity, and ultimately performance, so Paselibre appears as an ideal option for both employees and employers.

The Challenges

Paselibre was just a new venture with a limited budget and resources, with considerable uncertainty as to what the business volume could be. They had very tight deadlines and many things to take care of for going live.

The web platform was crucial and a must-have for the business, but it had to be developed from scratch in record time.

They needed a full IT team to get on board immediately. But they were aware that IT was a highly competitive labor market and Uruguay was facing a widespread technology skills gap.

On top of that, they were about to launch their business, and many things were far from being fully defined and clear.

They needed a real partner that could handle the project internally, avoiding the hassle, costs, and time associated with recruiting and retaining the talent needed.

The Solution

As with any new business, Paselibre was in a state of constant flux in the short and mid-term.

They leveraged IT Dedicated Teams to utilize outsourced talent as needed while managing workers and the backlog directly.

Within 2 weeks, we recruited and onboarded the required team and took charge of the entire development process, considering multiple portals for front-end and mobile app with highest UX as used to.

In early 2022, with rapid business growth, we focused on improving performance and scalability to handle unexpected user growth. Using AWS services, including EKS, RDS and Lambda we ensured cloud elasticity and scalability.

We also implemented a migration plan, leveraging AWS S3 and CloudFront CDN enhanced user experience by reducing latency and optimizing bandwidth while minimizing costs.

Post-MVP, we released several updates, adding features, functionalities, and performance improvements. Performance optimization was critical due to the high demand and extensive media content. Strategies included using AWS S3 for secure storage and AWS CloudFront for global content delivery.

We have successfully deployed the app, and it has been a great success. We will soon be implementing AI to further enhance its functionality.

The Results

The MVP was deployed on time and within budget.Currently, the Platform handles 10,000+ users, 600+ Gyms, and 20,000+ monthly check ins without friction and it keeps an outstanding user experience.

Their business success relies heavily on the platform, its usability and user experience. User experience, as we all know, is closely related to app performance, and Paselibre has been overpassing their targets every year, which means a huge success.

The Switch team continues to support Paselibre in growing its IT muscle how and when needed to ensure a reduced time-to-market for new features, and rapid response to user feedback.

Project Insights
2 weeks

We were able to recruit and onboard the team nedeed in record time.


Products launched: Landing/Corporate site, Administration site, Gym/Center, End user portal and Mobile application

2 seconds

Loading times were significantly improved while having a heavy usage of videos and images.


Monthly check-ins

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They go beyond being a supplier, acting as a strategic collaborative partner who fully immerses themselves in your business and projects, treating them as their own.
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